Prices of Advocate`s services

The price of services is discussed with the Client in each particular case and depends on many factors (the interest and complexity of the case, requested numbers of services , the prospects for further cooperation, etc.)

Oral consultationfree / from 100 UAH.
Written consultationfrom 500 UAH.
Preparing of a Legal Opinionfrom 1 000 UAH.
Preparing of an international Agreement (including bilingual draft)from 1 000 UAH.
Legal analysis of information, documentsfrom 500 UAH.
Legalization and apostilling of documentsfrom 200 UAH.
Affidavitfrom 1 000 UAH.
Participation in negotiationsfrom 1 000 UAH.
Assistance in the termination of contractsfrom 500 UAH.
Assistance in the execution of contractsfrom 500 UAH.
Creation of a document management systemfrom 1 000 UAH.
Preparing of claim to Ukrainian courtsfrom 1 500 UAH.
Preparing of claim to foreign courtsfrom 3 000 UAH.
Preparing of complaint (statement, petition, act)from 300 UAH.
Analyzing and evaluation of the legal position of the Partiesfrom 500 UAH.
Analyzing of judicial practicefrom 600 UAH.
Representation and protection of rights and interests in courts of all specializations and at all levelsfrom 1 000 UAH.
Preparing of corporate documents for Ukrainian legal entitiesfrom 500 UAH.
Preparing of minutes, resolutions, protocols for Ukrainian legal entitiesfrom 300 UAH.
Preparing of minutes, resolutions, protocols for foreign legal entitiesfrom 500 UAH.
Legal analysis of corporate documents of Ukrainian legal entitiesfrom 500 UAH.
Legal analysis of corporate documents of foreign legal entitiesfrom 1 000 UAH.
Assistance in the establishment of a legal entity on the territory of Ukrainefrom 500 UAH.
Assistance in the establishment of a foreign legal entityfrom 3 000 UAH.
Selection of the optimal jurisdictions for doing business and for the establishment of legal entitiesfrom 5 000 UAH.
Forming of holding structures and business structuringfrom 5 000 UAH.
Implementation of operational, strategic, tactical development and business managementfrom 10 000 UAH.
Assistance in conducting meetings of founders, shareholders, directorsfrom 1 000 UAH.
Preparing of Master Plansfrom 5 000 UAH.
Preparing of Business Plans, Financial Plansfrom 10 000 UAH.
Analyzing of the conditions for the creation of manufacturing integral property complexesfrom 10 000 UAH.
Assistance in searching for infrastructure, project, investment financingfrom 6 000 UAH.
Forming of international schemes of legal tax optimizationfrom 5 000 UAH.
Assistance in attracting and providing financial assistance (credits)from 6 000 UAH.
Monitoring the execution of credit agreementsfrom 3 000 UAH
Debtors, creditors managementfrom 3 000 UAH.
Assistance in conducting financial transactions and analysis of risk factorsfrom 5 000 UAH.
Selection of operational Bankfrom 1 000 UAH.
Assistance in receiving insurance compensationfrom 2 000 UAH
Assistance to repay the debt to the creditorfrom 2 000 UAH.
Conduct legal and financial due diligencefrom 6 000 UAH.
Assistance in the registration of marriages between citizens of different countriesfrom 500 UAH.
Preparing of marriage contracts and contracts for the maintenance of childrenfrom 600 UAH.
Assistance in termination of marriage and property divisionfrom 600 UAH.
Inspection of inheritance propertyfrom 500 UAH.
Assistance in preparing and receiving an employment permit in Ukrainefrom 5 000 UAH.
Analyzing of existing labor relationsfrom 500 UAH.
Analyzing of wage /salary structure from 600 UAH.
Assistance in receiving compensation for a workfrom 2 000 UAH.


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